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Duo Bangle with Personalised Hoops

Duo Bangle with Personalised Hoops


A beautiful way to carry those you love around with you! Two 2mm thick sterling silver bangles, connected by personalised hoops with names of your choice in 1.5mm lettering. Shown here in brass silver and copper, the rings are available in any combination of these metals, or all sterling silver. Hallmarked, and gift wrapped, a perfect gift for a mum, with her little ones (or not so little ones!) names.

The price is for the TWO silver bangles, with ONE Sterling silver hoop, personalised with a name. Add extra personalised hoops from the drop down box, e.g. select 3 HOOPS (1 silver, 1 brass, 1 copper) to receive the same as in the picture, 3 HOOPS total. Please email if you can't see the combination you want or need more hoops. Extra silver personalised hoops are £15, brass and copper are £10. The brass and copper will be coated with a thin layer of protective wax to prevent tarnishing and oxidising.
Please give details of the names on check out (and do check the spelling- I will make EXACTLY what you write).
Bangles are available in three sizes, 6cm/ 6.5cm/ 7cm inner diameter, please email if you need a custom size.

Made to order, please allow 3-5 days.

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