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Ella Earrings

Ella Earrings


So very vintage and very classy! These beatiful earrings feature a Swarovski crystal pearl drop and round, with a Swarovski clear diamante rondelle nestled in the middle for some serious sparkle. You can also choose to replace the top pearl with a Swarovski crystal if you prefer, to match a dress colour. These are perfect simple bridal and bridesmaid's earrings, and make an amazing gift. The pendant to match is also £25.

Shown here in all white, white drop with powder almond round (very pale milky coffee with a hint of dusky pink- utterly gorgeous!), and with a silver grey round. The last image is for the matching pendants (sold sepparately)- and show how great the design  can look with a crystal at the top replacing the pearl round- you can chooe a crystal version in the colour choices below. Silver plated earwires, and rondelle.

 If you would like a colour not listed below please select "custom" and either let me know your colour choice or send a swatch of fabric to match to. 

Made to order in 3-5 days.

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